Careers – Why Choose Welding?


Competitive rates with potential to earn more with experience.

Long Term Career Path

Need for Welders from entry level giving you a good foundation, to progress onto highest level, and with experience lead to a promising career.

Be your own Boss

Competitive rates with potential to earn more with experience.

Opportunity to travel

Welders in demand in various disciplines across the gobe, depending on skill and experience will give you the option to work abroad.

Work in other Industries

As skill level and experience increase, this can lead to opportunities to move into different disciplines of the industry, and add to your skillset.

Opportunities to Specialise

There are several areas of Welding that is not the ordinary day to day run of the mill.  Opportunites with training and experience to specialise in fields specific to industry demands.  The more specialised you are, the more in demand you are.

Job Satisfaction

Good welders take immense pride in their work, and are always seeking the perfect weld, they get great satisfaction when they achieve this, with this goal always in mind

Be creative putting your ideas into reality ( repairing )

As a good welder you will become a critic, and can put your ideas to test, by being creative and producing good products, and repairing bad ones.

Continous learning and advancement with technology ever changing industry

You never stop learning, and technology never stops advancing, so its important to keep up to date with the latest technologies out there.

At NWI we don’t just train people to become qualified welders, we also have a number of companies nationally and internationally who contact us to recommend potential staff that is certified in the Welding Industry.

We also have a number of customers who require qualified Tutors for teaching within the Welding and Engineering Industry.  You must hold a relevant teaching qualification to be considered for these positions i.e. Train the Trainer or equivalent.

If you would like to be considered for any of the above positions, please forward your CV and a cover letter to us and we will hold you on file and contact you as soon as a position arises

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